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David Seitman
David is a full-time anesthesiologist with an extensive background in programming.  He wrote the I.M.P.S. programs and provides technical support for Yardley Software.
    1974      B.S.E.E. magna cum laude.  Princeton Univ.
    1977      M.S. in Biomedical Engineering.  Case Western Univ.
    1981      M.D.  Case Western Univ.
    1982-84 residency.  Univ. of Pennsylvania
David wrote this program initially for his own anesthesia department, it is now being used by many other departments around the world.  The program is not restricted to anesthesia programs or to the health-care profession.

For more information about the anesthesia presence on the web, look at the gasnet webpage.
For more information about David's current project with the Society for Technology in Anesthesia, see the page describing their next conference.





Kathy is a retired nurse who was able to help determine how flexible the program needed to be so that it would be accepted by the staff.  Although not a programmer, Kathy knows enough to be able to provide a substantial amount of technical support.




 Shortly before these pictures were taken, Matthew had the sudden realization.  Matthew realized that a computer program could easily generate equitable schedules for the workers in his Dad's department.  I.M.P.S., which combined the computer's power to maintain elaborate tallies with the human logic needed to make an assignment schedule, was the result.

Matthew was really happy that his Dad no longer had to swear and sweat each month as he made out the department's schedules.  Because he now uses the I.M.P.S. program, Dad has lots more time to play with Matthew on the computer  :)

Matthew now attends school, and only rarely gets to show others how computer savvy he really is!

You have probably met Shirley at an anesthesia conference.  She has worked at most of the conferences since the early 1990s, shortly after Yardley Software was started.


Milton is a Certified Public Accountant.  In the 1960s, he appreciated the power of the computer, and started converting the bookkeeping systems of his accounts to automated data processing systems.

Now he uses computer tax software in his daily practice to simplify the elaborate process of paying the Federal and State governments each year in April.

Although he will soon retire from his CPA practice, Milton still continues to explain the many benefits of the I.M.P.S. programs at the conferences he attends.

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