The I.M.P.S. programs are designed to make staff scheduling a snap.  The program is user-friendly with a windows-like GUI, making it easy to install, enter the necessary data, quickly view the computed schedule, and make instantaneous changes should the need arise.

     There are currently two versions of the I.M.P.S. programs.

Level-entry I.M.P.S. allows up to 15 daily assignments and is generally for groups with simple scheduling rules.

I.M.P.S.plus allows up to 31 daily assignments and allows for more tallies, and more complex scheduling rules.

I.M.P.S. for Windows® has not yet been released.

All the I.M.P.S. programs are Windows® and Windows95® compatible.  Although written in Turbo Pascal® for the DOS® environment, the programs run efficiently on MAC® compatible machines which have DOS® emulators.

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